Sunday, February 15, 2009

A thoughtful approach to color in design

Halley's Comet Nikki of Etsy store Enwraptured is the creator of all of these beautiful pieces. I discovered her shop about a year ago and have enjoyed the uniqueness of her designs. I have purchased a piece from her, and it was outstanding. Not a detail left unconsidered. I recently asked her to speak about color and what inspires her choice of materials and combinations of color. Here she shares her artistic insight, and leaves us with perhaps some new things to consider in our own color process. Bloom "As a lover of art in all its forms, I am always inspired by artists both daring and bold, nature itself, and the organization of color hues in the color wheel. Instead of asking myself which colors "match", in an obvious context (ie. red and pink), I ask which colors compliment one another in the greater scheme of the design. The colors which occur intrinsically in the sea, the neighborhood park, my own living room, therefore immediately denotes a natural progression of color combinations when I consider design elements."
White Cloud Monastery "An article on supernovas, for instance, with stunningly effective photographs, inspired my piece "Halley's Comet", incororating an orange and blue combination which, though not an exact interpretation, feels natural. Instead of seeing the tan of desert sand, consider the burnt umber of its horizon and the pale apricot of the sky at dusk, the mustard of distant dunes and the gray of their shadows. Generally speaking, yellow, pink, brown and gray are not obvio!" Garnet In Smoke "Unsusal color combination choices, but when you consider the context, they work beautifully together. In the end, however, it's a matter of perspective and personal interpretation. I believe a true appreciation of art, in a classical sense, will help develop the palette of an artist in any genre, and therefore, stretch myself to research and read and experience nature and life in more than an observatonal way. It's important to live the colors around you." In the Foam

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