Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Appreciate the little things

After having debilitating migraines for three days and all of the stomach side-effects from taking medicines to try to rid myself of the pain, today I finally have some relief. I walked outside to come home for lunch and the weather is just beautiful.....perfect, in my opinion. I came home and just sat on my patio and took it all in. 80 degrees, a light breeze, low humidity, and just a few light wispy clouds to make it complete. What could possibly be better that? Hmmm.... maybe the fact that I can't hang out on the patio all day. But I am happy for the lunch hour therapy. Fellow Topekans, if you are listening. Take ten minutes right now, and go outside. Spend a few minutes appreciating this moment of God's perfection. I am happy to be enjoying this, and so far, a pain free Wednesday. Cheers to all!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Inspiration under pressure

Did you ever have a time when you were asked to make designs that fit a certain criteria. Well recently, I have been making pendant/earring sets that, for this boutique, must stay at or below a certain price point. Typically, the designs I make fall in a higher price point, because to accomplish the design the way it is meant to be, takes longer and requires more materials.I always say, if you are a true artist, the parameters shouldn't make any difference. One should be able to create in all circumstances. Well, I am finding out that I can design at a lower price point and make pretty things......but I don't want to.That is a selfish notion, I know. But my designs come to life when they can run free. No fences, no stop signs. The truth is, to be a successful artist, one must be willing to work in non-ideal circumstances. Once I get used to the boundaries of size and price, I am sure there will be lots of room for creativity. But right now, I am fighting the battle of...I want to make what I want to make.So while I work on these mid price range sets, I am allowing myself to indulge on some of them. I am letting the designs go fully to the place they are heading. Those designs can be sold at a gallery or show. I am finding by allowing myself this freedom, when I know a piece isn't "finished", is actually helping me to have fresher ideas for the other work. It is all about respecting my process, and being able to meld that with a setof requirements. The two pieces here are pendants I allowed to go to their full potential. These will likely go to a gallery.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Screen Sculptor, Vicki Vespestad

I met Vicki a couple years ago when we were both vendors at the Bizarre Bazaar. I was immediately taken by the beauty of these screen botanicals. They are created with industrial window screen and formed by folds and pleats, containing the most natural curves and nuances. They have a skeletal quality to them as if to be X-rays of real plant life. Vicki lives in the Kansas City area and creates her sculpture from her home studio. I purchased this leaf for my mother for Mother's Day. (No worries, she doesn't read my blog.) I enjoyed photographing this for it's architectural qualities that can easily look completely abstract. I have enjoyed seeing Vicki at various art fairs around Kansas. She is delightful in person as she looks in this picture.Orbit Originals By Vicki Vespestad Available at: Kemper Museum Shop 4420 Warwick Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64111 // Phoenix Gallery 919 Massachusetts St. Lawrence, KS 66044 // Gifted Hands Gallery Crown Center 2450 Grand Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64108