Friday, May 20, 2011

It's been 8 months...

I know... I have been away for a long time. But now I am back! So, I thought it would be fun to do a quick recap of the last eight months so that I can feel sorta caught up! In October I made my first multi-stone piece. I also joined the local Gem and Mineral Society. In November I started learning how to cut cabochons.
And, I went on my first fossil dig.
In December, I worked feverishly to get all the custom orders done, including this giant prong-set yellow CZ. In January, I joined and Flicker group called "Ring A Week", or RAW. I figured I would force myself to learn how to make rings once a week for 52 weeks.
Throughout the winter I worked on many commissions, one of which was a group of pieces done in druzy.
I made my second multi-stone piece in February.
And also made a bunch of button necklaces with Great Grandma's old buttons. Also in February, I renovated my studio, and began making plans for a separate metals studio in my basement. In March, I acquired two jewelers benches, which are still parked in my kitchen (way too heavy! ).             In late March, I was invited to join Color Combo Challenge on Facebook, and I am having a wonderful time with the ladies in that group.
In April, I began planning which weaves I would teach at a workshop in LasVegas in June. Throughout April, I experimented with square wire which I had purchased with rings in mind, but used for pendants because I ran out of round. So hear we are in May. My fellow jewelry artists have been gently urging me to post more earrings, so here's a pair of earrings!