Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm back!

Hello all. Sorry I have been away so long. Health stuff still not solved but I am working on it. I have found through dealing with all this, that I have an even stronger desire to create. I think in some ways I am more open minded when I am making jewelry while feeling ill. I make things that later become wonderments to me. Working with the wire, straightening and curling the wire with my fingers is calming for me, almost meditative. I think sometimes, working on a more elaborite piece and taking my time actually can help me feel less sick. It has a stabilizing effect.
The only other activity that I have experienced that is with music. Playing cello, just closing my eyes and playing what I know is also calming and meditative. I often find, when I am playing this way, that my mind wanders into other creative realms. I can be thinking about flowers or fabric, jewelry or gemstones, painting (which I have never done before). Sometimes I think about other people who I care about, and it can become a spiritual offering, like a prayer.
So, while I have been away I have made several new pieces. These are just a few. I the days and weeks to come, I will be featuring new artists and crafters, and new ecclectica and interesting tidbits. I am glad to be back!

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