Monday, August 4, 2008


There is so much I could say about this, but it is different for everyone. I challenge you to think about how you give and how you can give. What you give, and who you give to. Why do you give? Why do you not give?
Here are a few of my thoughts about this. Giving is an important part of humanity. It is as important to know how to receive, as it is to give. I think our pride gets in the way of both. Sometimes we feel inadequet to give, and not deserving of receiving the gift of love, help, or anything else. We can always give, if we have compassion. Sometimes all I can give anyone is a smile, or a listening ear. Though my time is very, very limited. I always place this as a high priority and make space where there isn't any to do this. The joy and peace I have in placing value in people is like no other. It is a gift I give.
Just the same, I accept the help of others. I am thankful for the support, kind words, and love I have been given to me, even by people who barely know me. By accepting the gift of time or help, or whatever it is, I am showing my appreciation, and allowing them to fully experience the joy and peace of knowing they have made a real difference.
My art is influenced by the people I know well and the people I meet. But more than that, the absolute and complete peace of knowing there is still good in humanity.

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