Monday, August 18, 2008


This pretty and unique piece of jewelry is called a chatelaine. My friend Jen at Scrapdash has created this one. Here is the description in her words, "My chatelaines are working jewelry, designed to keep your scissors and spool of thread close at hand, attractively. If your project doesn't require a spool of thread, the 3" spool rod can be removed. This rod will also hold knitting and crochet row counters that are designed to slide onto the end of a needle or hook. Each scissors' pouch accommodates up to a 4" long pair of scissors and is constructed with a snap closure to keep your scissors in place. " These are both clever and cool. Be sure and visit her Etsy Store as well as her blog. Jen, I love them!


Jen in KS said...

Thank you, Dawn. You are si bon.

Steve said...

k d lang has a song on the topic -- sort of: