Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Favorite Color

Today at work (a farm of half cubicals) we were having a cross cubicle discussion of the word "fandango" and "What is your favorite color?". I thought to myself, I know what colors I don't like, but what is my true favorite. I love color, and I love so called "non-colors". I am pretty open about color combinations too. So, the best I could come up with was, "My favorite color is the color I see when I am sleeping." The above image was taken from mailto:Nuytsia@Tas photostream on Flickr. It is entitled Cats Chorus.


Jen in KS said...

That is an excellent answer,Dawn. Not that I'm placing a stamp of approval on it, but it helps me see why I'm drawn to the deepest dark blues. Those are the shades behind my eyelids, mostly, and the color of the sky when I'm at my most energetic.

Eryn told me she ran across your blog. You're jewelry is amazing.

tisha said...

Dawn, looking for you on ETSY to no avail.. Am I missing something?