Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anti-cell phone crusade

Okay folks. This is one of the many reasons I am against owning a cell phone. I have "friendships" that only take place on the cell phone when said friend is on the way home from the airport and no one else answered their cell phones, or when driving to or from another friend's house, or when they are bored at the grocery store or mall. It amazes me how people think this is okay. I think it is the ultimate insult when people do this and a blatant display of their shallowness. More on reasons I hate cell phones in blog entries to come. C'mon people, stop it! You are shallow and rude! This image was taken from www.someecards.com

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Jen in KS said...

I have a cell phone. It's dead almost all the time because I forget I have the cell phone. When I need it in an emergency--which is why I got it--it's rarely there for me. It's like carrying around a fair weather friend where ever I go.