Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daddy Cakes= a little piece of Heaven!

People! Pay attention here! I just had the most divine cupcake experience. Where ever you live, these cupcakes are worth the drive. Visit Daddy Cakes now! What are you waiting for??? Real butter, sugar, know, real ingredients, no Crisco. You'll be thanking me for sharing these heavenly delights! There is a great article on a really fun blog I found- Cupcakes Take the Cake. A must read. And I assure you, the cupcakes are as insanely wonderful as they look in the pictures. AND visit the Daddy Cakes Blog. Totally fab!

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Daddy Cakes® said...

Daddy Cakes® is not affiliated with the cupcake shop in Topeka, Kansas. Please find us online at

Sorry for the any confusion.