Friday, May 20, 2011

It's been 8 months...

I know... I have been away for a long time. But now I am back! So, I thought it would be fun to do a quick recap of the last eight months so that I can feel sorta caught up! In October I made my first multi-stone piece. I also joined the local Gem and Mineral Society. In November I started learning how to cut cabochons.
And, I went on my first fossil dig.
In December, I worked feverishly to get all the custom orders done, including this giant prong-set yellow CZ. In January, I joined and Flicker group called "Ring A Week", or RAW. I figured I would force myself to learn how to make rings once a week for 52 weeks.
Throughout the winter I worked on many commissions, one of which was a group of pieces done in druzy.
I made my second multi-stone piece in February.
And also made a bunch of button necklaces with Great Grandma's old buttons. Also in February, I renovated my studio, and began making plans for a separate metals studio in my basement. In March, I acquired two jewelers benches, which are still parked in my kitchen (way too heavy! ).             In late March, I was invited to join Color Combo Challenge on Facebook, and I am having a wonderful time with the ladies in that group.
In April, I began planning which weaves I would teach at a workshop in LasVegas in June. Throughout April, I experimented with square wire which I had purchased with rings in mind, but used for pendants because I ran out of round. So hear we are in May. My fellow jewelry artists have been gently urging me to post more earrings, so here's a pair of earrings!


MaryL said...

Oh Dawn! Oh my goodness!! How fantastic, how gloriously beautiful!! My heart is just so full at looking at these works... you have joined the ranks of those who will be known for incredible pieces!! Dawn, you are a 'Tiffany'!! I'm almost crying... great big hugs to you!!

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The Mariposa Soap Company said...

Beautiful jewelery. You are very talented.

essle said...

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TzPlace said...

Dawn, I just love your art work. Like expressions on canvas, I can stare at one of your pieces and see so much within them. Keep up the great work! I'm a fan for sure!

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Fabulous works...such a wonderful study of color and technique.
-Eva Maria!