Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stones That Rock!

Ralph and Mary Ann Sieler are the heart and soul of Stones That Rock. They started their business just a couple years ago, and do beautiful lapidary work. I met them on Flickr, and they have been so wonderful in helping educate me about gemstones I am not familiar with. Most recently, I made this pendant with a lovely Deschutes Jasper cab they cut. Ralph and Mary Ann live in Arizona and specialize in stones found in the west, such as turquoise and variscite. However, they also work with many types of jasper and agate, lapis, dino bone, and exotics such as mtorolite (chrome chalcedony) and Victoria Stone. Their work is outstanding and their prices are reasonable. I have many cabochons of theirs waiting to be made into beautiful jewelry. All of the cabochons in the previous two posts are from their collection, and I now own. Above and beyond their talents, Ralph and Mary Ann are just lovely folks... two of the nicest people I have met online.
If you are interested in purchasing some cabochons, slabs, or rough from them, visit Stones That Rock.

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BrassyBeads said...

THanks for sharing your stone source Dawn!