Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting back to my "roots"!

Title: Rooted, Brazilian stripes agate, 20 gauge non-tarnish copper wire, 24 gauge gunmetal "Artistic" wire

Recently, I had the displeasure of dealing with a shameless copier. The "shameless" part is that it was a person I considered to be a close friend. I freely taught her things, and never imagined that I would be taken advantage of this way. But, these things happen. We learn and move on... am I right?

So in cutting the fat from my life, I have decided to explore the "roots" of my jewelry design, using concepts that I began using very early in my jewelry designs. I am spending some time further investigating "nesting". By that, I mean nesting two or more wires together and designing with them as one unit. In this first piece, entitled "Rooted", I am laying down new roots by exploring old ones. I am excited about the wave of creativity I feel bursting from me. More one of a kind, original art jewelry soon to emerge! AND... altogether NEW experiments in jewelry creation.

Happy creating everybody! Don't be afraid to step out an make something no one has ever made before. If nothing else, it might make you laugh!


WonderfulWire said...

Dawn, sorry to hear of your trouble... I will say though that you have an incredible style all your own... sometimes a person can copy a technique but they cannot copy the 'soul'... your work is full of 'soul'! Can't wait to see your new stuff! :)

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for that. I agree with you. My work has me in it. A copy can't possibly have that. It's just sad and pathetic really. Oh well, this just gives the fire to create more awesomeness a splash of fuel!

Marcos said...

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