Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Appreciate the little things

After having debilitating migraines for three days and all of the stomach side-effects from taking medicines to try to rid myself of the pain, today I finally have some relief. I walked outside to come home for lunch and the weather is just beautiful.....perfect, in my opinion. I came home and just sat on my patio and took it all in. 80 degrees, a light breeze, low humidity, and just a few light wispy clouds to make it complete. What could possibly be better that? Hmmm.... maybe the fact that I can't hang out on the patio all day. But I am happy for the lunch hour therapy. Fellow Topekans, if you are listening. Take ten minutes right now, and go outside. Spend a few minutes appreciating this moment of God's perfection. I am happy to be enjoying this, and so far, a pain free Wednesday. Cheers to all!


Kandace said...

Your hair gleams beautifully in this shot!

Sheree said...

New do? Very cute ;) Sorry to see you're a migraine sufferer. Looks like a perfect mid-70's weekend here, gotta love the sunshine! Enjoy :)