Monday, April 6, 2009

Kansas weather

That's what we say to other Kansas when talking about our weather, "It was 87 on March 1st and we had big white fluffy snowflakes on April second. This crazy weather is going to cause the blossoms to fall off the trees." "That's Kansas weather". We can't really help but be interested in the weather here, because it seems the weather is interested in us. We are smack in the middle of "Tornado Alley", yet I have never seen a twister touch down with my own eyes. I like to take pictures from the back side of sever storms. I hope someday to photograph a twister, but not near a city mind you. No one would wish for that. Here are some pictures from the west side of the big thunderstorm that swept through our area yesterday. I had just come from a trunk show and showing off my jewelry, so I ended up shooting these pictures in a pink dress and heels. Yep, I climbed down and up a muddy ditch and stode through tall field grass to get to a place where th pictures wouldn't be riddled with power lines and cars or buildings. Gotta do what I gotta do! These were all taken between 6:30 and 7:40 PM from the same location, a corner of some rural property on very south Gage Blvd. here in Topeka

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Sheree said...

Pink dress & heels...a true storm chaser, lol! You got some nice shots :)