Thursday, December 11, 2008


Paper Treasures! Right here in Topeka!
A very special surprise at BizBaz. I was doing the sprint in an effort to visit all the booths and see what other artists we making, while my mother watched my booth. I nearly fell over when I saw the quilling! I had been on Kathie and Gregg's site, Paper Treasures, many times over the past many months. I've been wanting to do a feature on the blog about quilling to honor my mother and one of the unique crafts we did together when I was a little girl. Kathie's designs are clean, well made, beautiful works of art made of rolled paper. I feel so happy to own one of her mum brooches. It is totally adorable on my vintage Lee jean jacket! What's even more exciting is that they are local- right here in Topeka! I still can't believe it. Please visit their site and consider one of these unique pieces for Christmas.

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Quilling with Whimsiquills said...

Thanks for mentioning paper Treasures; I was not familiar with them. It is always fun to see someone else's work. As a quilling enthusiast, I invite you (and your mom)to visit the North American Quilling Guild's site and my site The NAQG actually held its annual conference in Kansas City, two years ago. It will be held in Tampa, FL in 2009. I have a blog called in case you are interested.
Pat Caputo