Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shockingly Vintage!

So today I was driving along on my lunch hour and drove by this garage sale. Unsure that I had really seen what I saw, I knew this was going to be photo worthy. So, I went home and grabbed my camera and drove back over to the garage sale. And behold! The largest, most velvety, brightly colored, wreck causing vintage lamps I have ever seen. The even better part was that there were two of each and they were being sold as pairs. I know that they are hideous and all, but the retro-modern vintage furniture lover in me almost considered (is still considering) buying the chartreuse goldish green ones. You see, they have an extra feature that the red ones don't have, an internal glow! There is actually a light beam inside the green glass base as well. Incredible! As an extra bonus, I ran into a friend of mine who I worked with over a decade ago. Can that really be possible? He was the seller of these lamps which he says were given to him as a gift. (giggle, heeheehee!)


Jen in KS said...

Oh, great console stereo cabinet from days of yore! I just had a flashback of shag carpeting and dark walnut furniture in my sitter's house.

Just...give me a minute. And the latest Cottage Living Magazine. I'll be fine.

Two_Claws said...

Oh, God, Dawn......keep me away from garage sales, (kidding) I'm such an addict! Those lamps are sooooooo awful they're great!