Thursday, April 10, 2008

Teaching and learning

One of the most suprising things that has come out of teaching Kassie how to make jewelry has been how much my design work has benefitted. I give Kassie enough freedom that we can collaborate on color schemes and elements when putting together a series. I am always surprised at what we come up with when we put all of our ideas on the table. Kassie has an amazing talent for balance and symmetry. She has an artist's eye for color, as do I. Her color combinations are very different than mine, but fresh and exciting just the same. Working with her has really challenged the limits I put in defining my aesthetic. Kassie does quality work, and when we complete a series, she will sit back in her chair and say, "Wow! These are just gorgeous! I can't believe we made all this tonight!" She is learning my aesthetic and how to design pieces my way. But, I always balance that with open "play" time. When she comes up with beautiful designs on her own, and has the freedom to make exactly what she wants to make, it feeds her creative mind, as well as mine. This has been so much more of a valuable experience than I ever imagined. Teaching is learning. I am learning at least as much as Kassie is.

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JK Salmon said...

Your jewelry is beautiful-- So intricate and unpredictable. That's what being a true artist is all about, I think!